Shirts Vs Skins​/​Sunning​/​Cut The Brakes Split

by Cut The Brakes



released March 22, 2013

Tracks 1, 2 recorded, mixed, & mastered by Sam Smith & Mike Baker.

Tracks 3, 4, 5, 6 recorded & mixed by Tom Kelly at Cellar Door Studio.

Tracks 3, 4, 5, 6 mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.

Additional vocals on track 3 by Tim Serr of Parkdale.

Album artwork by Rob Menzer.



all rights reserved


Cut The Brakes Queens, New York

Cut The Brakes is:

Guitar/Vocals: Rob Menzer
Guitar/Vocals: Kevin Ultsh
Bass/Vocals: Michael Ferraro
Drums: Jay Cadena

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Track Name: Deluded
I guess I'm just that easy to forget
Was anything you promised a guarantee or a sign of regret?
A sign of your regret

Anything you used to be is just a shadow
And I guess I'm just the light making sure it sticks around
Keep my eyes glued to the ground
Picking up any pieces you left to be found

Your eyes are different every time I blink
I wonder if you have integrity
I wonder if there are more like me
The kind who give in and think they're happy

You make it hard to believe anything is real at all
With the way you made it so easy to fall
It took too long to see it doesn't belong
That everything you said was false all along

Nevermind I'd rather not know
It's easier to to turn my back now
Than to wonder and to worry
If anything about you was genuine at all

Is your skin safe, are you comfortable?
Is every thought pure and undeniable?

Is your skin safe, are you comfortable?
(Nevermind I'd rather not know)
Is every thought pure and undeniable?
(If anything about you was genuine at all)
Track Name: Empty
I've been searching for so long
That I've forgotten what was home

Made too many wrong turns
And I can't get back

I'm not the same
I want to be
But I can't

It's a shame to realize you're getting lost in all the things that you used to be, that you used to be (x2)

It's a shame
I'm getting lost
In everything
That used to be me

Everyone wants to be someone else
They'd trade it all just for another hell
So make you choice and make it well
I know you're scared but it's not like it was hard to tell

I'm just trying to find something solid in my life
I'm just trying to find stable ground to stand on
Ignoring all the things that I can't run away from
It's only my fault
It's all the things I've done